United Furry Wrestling

Fauna is a proud sponsor of UFW, an action packed, story driven, virtual wrestling federation within the online metaverse of Second Life. Please check them out today!

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And be sure to check out these photos of UFW’s October 21st road show that was hosted at Fauna’s very own Boötes Arena! Ember personally put a lot of work into this build and we were especially happy to work with Nocturnal staff, namely Marjan Tomba the UFW “Pyrotechnics Wizard”, Sila Dione on media setup, and Dwight Slade with production tips and overall positive energy & cheerleading. 😁 Keep your eyes peeled for future UFW events (not just wrestling??? *spoiler alert*) at Fauna because this definitely was not the last!

Nocturnal @ Fauna - October 21, 2022