Fauna Properties: Move-in Special!

Edit: Offer ends 11:59pm SLT Jan. 31st
Happy New Year, friends! Are you looking for a new place in Second Life to call home or sell your wares? Rent any store, cart, or residential unit at Fauna for 2 weeks (minimum) and get 2 weeks added onto your rental for free!

Merchants and artists, here are some perks for renting at Fauna:

  • Our stores have tintable walls that you control yourself upon renting a unit.
  • The square sign can also be customized by you. (No need to give us your texture. Tenants can touch the sign itself for instructions.)
  • Teleporters at the sim landing area directly to your door!

Residents, here are some of your perks if you rent with us:

  • Some homes include a horse stall (cuz we’re a horse town, dontcha know?)
  • You may add subtenants to your CasperLet rental.
  • Townhome renters can customize your postal box label.
  • Residential renters (standalone houses) can customize the image above your included horse stall at the Resident Stables.
  • Build ANYWHERE on the sim (for RP purposes, please clean up after yourselves. ♥)
  • Parcel Ban/Eject perms (on the parcel that covers pretty much the entire sim.)

Please read our covenant for rules and restrictions!
Contact Ember (ember.ember) in-world if you have any questions.

Fauna Properties Office: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fauna/104/52/26