Thank You For Your Patronage!

At Fauna’s welcome area, you’ll notice a section dedicated to our ‘VIP Sponsors’! This board displays the most recent 20 contributors who have donated to any of Fauna’s monthly-goal donation boxes that are located at various places all over the region. The top donation of all time is grandly displayed above everyone else complete with their name and the amount they donated! It’s the least we can do for such generous patrons!!!

Are you curious about who that sponsor is beyond their pretty face? 😍 Click on their pic and a link to their profile will be directly sent to you in chat!*

Not only is your profile pic displayed on the VIP board when you support us, but a notification of your donation (including your username and the amount) is sent to the #fauna-patrons channel on our Discord! It’s just another way to allow us to say thank you for supporting us. ♥

So, THANK YOU for supporting us! Fauna wouldn’t be possible without patrons like you!

*While we at Fauna strongly encourage friendship and socializing in Second Life, please remember that we’re all just people and some folks are not as open to private IMs as others, so please respect your fellow residents by not being a creeper! 😂

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