How to Customize Your Store Sign

Hello Fauna Merchants! I’ve recorded a short video complete with voice-over instructions (and Closed Captioning) to help you get your store sign customized with your own logo instead of your profile picture. ♥ And as always, if you have any questions or need help, IM me in-world. Ember (ember.ember)

Also, if you’re a Resident renting a home at Fauna, these same instructions apply! (The only difference is that Residential rentals do not include corresponding teleporters.) For the Townhomes near the downtown area, the AdBoard is the label on your mailbox. And for the standalone homes with the included stable: the AdBoard is above your designated stable stall!

Townhomes with Mailbox AdBoard location circled in yellow.
Standalone Residential homes include their own designated stable stall. The AdBoards are circled in yellow.

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