Downtown Shoppe and Gallery Spaces Available!

Are you a freelance artist in need of a worthy space in Second Life to display your art? Are you a merchant looking for a new location to sell your virtual wares? Fauna Mall has very affordable rental units available ranging from first floor galleries with included loft style living quarters, small upstairs boutiques, and downtown market stalls.

Each brick-and-mortar unit includes the following perks:

Light Switch for interior wall color options.
  • A scripted sign that YOU can customize 24/7! No need for admin/mod help! (By default, the sign loads the tenant’s profile picture, but the tenant may touch the sign for the menu and instructions on how to change the texture).
  • Re-colorable interior walls via the unit’s light switch(es). Multi-story units can have separately colored floors. Custom color values may be chosen via RGB or LSL value input, or a limited selection of default colors via the menu.
  • A teleporter directly to your unit’s front door located at Fauna’s central Welcome area (in the landing point gazebo). The image on the teleporter automatically loads the same custom image (or profile pic) from your unit sign.

Fauna Mall Unit Pricing and Prim/LI Allocation

Unit TypePrims/Land ImpactPrice per Week
Market Stall15L$ 15
Small 2nd Floor Shop (Units 13-20)50L$ 50
Ground Floor 1-Story Shop (Units 01-04)100L$ 100
2 Story Shop (Units 06, 08, 10, 12)200L$ 200
3 Story Shop (Units 05, 07, 09, 11)300L$ 300
Fauna Mall Unit Pricing and Prim/LI Allocation
Fauna Mall #13. A small upstairs unit with customizable store sign.

Mall renters will be invited* to the Fauna group in-world for rez-rights and permission to post group notices advertising their newest products or art pieces and commission pricing (*promoted to the Merchant role if they’re already in the group.) And all Merchants and Artists who join Fauna’s Discord may advertise their wares in our #market and #nsfw-market channels.

Fauna is an Adult rated full region and L$1 per prim/LI is a steal, so snatch up a rental while they’re still available! We have weekly events that draw new visitors to the region as well, so your goods are sure to be seen! As always, please be sure to read our covenant before renting a unit!

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