Skate Nights with DJ Nuku!

At 7pm SLT every Tuesday it’s Skate Night at Moonlight Rollerway with DJ Nuku bringing you hot EDM and tunes that will make you moooove! BUT we’re doing something a lil different!

Second Life’s 2023 Relay for Life fundraising season has just begun, and our team Ponies For Life welcomes you all to join us in making this the best fundraising season to date! So, in lieu of tips for the DJ & host going forward through June 11, 2023 when the RFL season ends, we ask that you put your $Lindens into the American Cancer Society RFL Donation Kiosk instead. ♥ Thank you and see you tonight at the rink!

Take a Romantic Ride

Valentine’s day is almost here and if you’re still looking for romantic date ideas, why not head to the town of Whitetail for a little train ride you and your Valentine won’t forget. Bundle up and simply cuddle your cutie on one of our locomotives… Or just get right down to the bare naked urges of the season of love and fuck like rabbits! Our trains have both PG and Adult animations for you to enjoy, so take your pick.

We’d like to remind our guests that voyeurism and exhibitionism is allowed and encouraged at Fauna, so if you’re looking for a more private romantic experience, our region may not be the place for you. 😘

Fauna Properties: Move-in Special!

Edit: Offer ends 11:59pm SLT Jan. 31st
Happy New Year, friends! Are you looking for a new place in Second Life to call home or sell your wares? Rent any store, cart, or residential unit at Fauna for 2 weeks (minimum) and get 2 weeks added onto your rental for free!

Merchants and artists, here are some perks for renting at Fauna:

  • Our stores have tintable walls that you control yourself upon renting a unit.
  • The square sign can also be customized by you. (No need to give us your texture. Tenants can touch the sign itself for instructions.)
  • Teleporters at the sim landing area directly to your door!

Residents, here are some of your perks if you rent with us:

  • Some homes include a horse stall (cuz we’re a horse town, dontcha know?)
  • You may add subtenants to your CasperLet rental.
  • Townhome renters can customize your postal box label.
  • Residential renters (standalone houses) can customize the image above your included horse stall at the Resident Stables.
  • Build ANYWHERE on the sim (for RP purposes, please clean up after yourselves. ♥)
  • Parcel Ban/Eject perms (on the parcel that covers pretty much the entire sim.)
Please read our covenant for rules and restrictions!
Contact Ember (ember.ember) in-world if you have any questions.

Fauna Properties Office:

United Furry Wrestling

Fauna is a proud sponsor of UFW, an action packed, story driven, virtual wrestling federation within the online metaverse of Second Life. Please check them out today!

• Watch UFW on YouTube!
• Follow UFW on Twitter!
• Teleport to UFW in-world!

And be sure to check out these photos of UFW’s October 21st road show that was hosted at Fauna’s very own Boötes Arena! Ember personally put a lot of work into this build and we were especially happy to work with Nocturnal staff, namely Marjan Tomba the UFW “Pyrotechnics Wizard”, Sila Dione on media setup, and Dwight Slade with production tips and overall positive energy & cheerleading. 😁 Keep your eyes peeled for future UFW events (not just wrestling??? *spoiler alert*) at Fauna because this definitely was not the last!

Nocturnal @ Fauna - October 21, 2022

Fauna Farms Wants Moo!

Muffin’s Milkers logo

Our Muffin’s Milkers Dairy is seeking active cows like moo (you)! *points finger at you* If you or someone you know plays the Muffin’s Milkers game in Second Life and actively fulfills the Cow role on a daily (or every other day) basis, please consider making Fauna your new Home dairy. Our primary language is English and our active hours are daytime US-Pacific/SLT approximately 7am – 7pm. The dairy owner, Ember (ember.ember), is currently a Patron of Muffin’s on Patreon at the “Farm Hand Manager” Tier ($20 per month), and all M$900 monthly moolah she receives as a Patron goes toward Feed for all you loverly livestock.

Fauna Farms was established in May 2021 and our farm has resided at the same location ever since; based on a 30k full-region that we’ve owned and operated since December of 2020. So, if you’re a Cow in need of a reliable home, look no further than Fauna Farms. While our community is mostly furry and/or My Little Ponies, we welcome all Muffin’s Milkers players. We run Nitros every Friday at 3pm SLT, and often throughout the week when we’ve got more livestock hanging out in the barn. 😁 Come check us out in world today!