Moonlight Rollerway is ready for Winter!

Grab your ice skates because Moonlight Rollerway has frozen over!

We’ve converted the rink flooring from the wood veneer for roller skating to ice! Baiku kindly made some L$FREE addon ice skates (again!) to slap onto the bottom of practically any shoes, so come grab a pair. ♥


Moonlight Rollerway - Wintertime!
Snow falls on a dirt road and covers the rooftop of the outdoor wooden pavilion labeled “Moonlight Rollerway” where Fauna in Second Life hosts their weekly skate nights. To the left, a green street sign post points visitors to other locations in that direction down the main street: Fauna Cinema, Pizza Pi’s Pie Palace, Café Xia, and The Wharf.

How to Customize Your Store Sign

Hello Fauna Merchants! I’ve recorded a short video complete with voice-over instructions (and Closed Captioning) to help you get your store sign customized with your own logo instead of your profile picture. ♥ And as always, if you have any questions or need help, IM me in-world. Ember (ember.ember)

Also, if you’re a Resident renting a home at Fauna, these same instructions apply! (The only difference is that Residential rentals do not include corresponding teleporters.) For the Townhomes near the downtown area, the AdBoard is the label on your mailbox. And for the standalone homes with the included stable: the AdBoard is above your designated stable stall!

Townhomes with Mailbox AdBoard location circled in yellow.
Standalone Residential homes include their own designated stable stall. The AdBoards are circled in yellow.

The Results!

And the winner is…

A bar graph showing the ranked results of a poll for the name of the new swimming pool at Fauna. Text: The Dip and Dive 148. The Fauna Sauna 178. Fauna Milk Spa 129. The Splash Zone 121. The Grotto at Fauna 118. The Secret Spa 127. The Diving Doe 165. The Water Pit 94.

The Fauna Sauna

Thank you for participating in helping to name the new swimming pool area.

A small note about the form/system we used for voting just in case people are wondering about the numbers in the image above: it is a default — the Schulze condorcet method for ranked poll options.

Suggestions are in! Time to Vote!

Thank you all for submitting your clever and fun names for the new Swimming Pool area at Fauna! It’s time to rank your favorites! This new form closes AUGUST 15th @ 23:59pm SLT.

Vote here! ===>

Note: We’re moving away from using Google Forms due to multiple expressed concerns for privacy and general desire to stop “feeding the Google beast,” so please bear with us as we move Fauna’s forms and data over to Cryptpad. Thank you! ♥

Relay Weekend is June 10th – 11th!

Your generous support has earned our Relay For Life team, Ponies for Life, a campsite along the Relay track! Please join us for Relay Weekend!

• Saturday, June 10 starting at 10 AM SLT (All Day)
• Sunday, June 11 (Closing Ceremony at 10 AM. Track still open All Day.)

Are you a Survivor or Caregiver? Sign up for the Honor Lap that begins Saturday 11am right after opening ceremony.

A sneak peak at the “Hope Floats” themed Ponies For Life campsite at the RFL Victory region in Second Life.


Relay Weekend is the annual Summertime, 2-day event that marks the end of the Spring fund raising season for Relay For Life in support of research and services provided by the American Cancer Society. During Relay Weekend, participants run (or walk) around the track to show support for cancer Survivors, Caregivers, friends and family, and to honor those that have already entered into rest. ♥ This year, Relay for Life of Second Life has a 36 region long track, and every hour has a fun theme you are all encouraged to participate in as you make your rounds! Get your outfits ready early if you wish and come join us!! (Hourly schedule posted below.)

A sneak peak at the “Hope Floats” themed Ponies For Life campsite at the RFL Victory region in Second Life.


Join us on Saturday, June 10 at 10am SLT for Relay Weekend’s opening ceremony followed by the Survivors & Caregivers Honor Lap at 11am!

Sign up to receive your individual starting line landmark in the Honor Lap here:

Group: Relay For Life Volunteers

Location: American Cancer Society (General)

Date: JUNE 10-11, 2023


10 AM ~ Opening Ceremony

11 AM ~ Survivor/Caregiver Lap CELEBRATE: Cancer Suvivors & Caregivers lead the way

NOON – 12:30 ~ Survivor/Caregiver Lap CELEBRATE

12.30pm – 1 PM ~ Teams Lap PARADE OF TEAMS


*2PM ~ Purple Power hour

*3PM ~ Under the Sea Mer, sea creatures, fish, etc.

*4PM ~ Unicorns, Fairies, Fantasy+ unicorns, fae, dragons, knights, fantasy culture

*5PM ~ Over the Rainbow and Into the Clouds Rainbows & clouds, LGBTQ+ Pride

*6PM ~ Ride the Wave Dude! Floaties, beach, surfing culture

*7PM ~ Relay Sock Hop Poodle skirts, vinyl, diner culture

*8PM ~ Light It Up! Torches, candles, flames, flashlights, lights, etc.

9PM ~ Luminaria Ceremony REMEMBER: Everything stops for the Luminaria Ceremony

*10 PM ~ Fly Your Kites Fly a kite that represents your team

*11 PM ~ Relay Snow Storm winter clothing, Christmas

*MIDNIGHT ~ Space Walk among the Stars spacesuits, sci-fi

*1 AM ~ Mount Up and Ride If you can ride it, ride it

*2 AM ~ Your Pets Want Out Take your pets for a walk

*3 AM ~ Small But Mighty Dinkies, tinies culture

*4 AM ~ Wild Wild West Cowfolk, horses, ranch culture

*5 AM ~ Skate Into the Morning Roller skates, skateboards, rollerblades, hoverboards, etc.

6 AM ~ FIGHT BACK, Show Your ACS Pride! Team Shirts, ACS Shirts, Relay Shirts

*7 AM ~ PJs, Coffee, and Curlers Pajamas, coffee mugs, robes, etc.

*8 AM ~ Making Strides Pink, Strides awareness

*9 AM ~ Floating to the Finish Line Balloons


11 AM ~ VICTORY LAP ~ Dancing In the Streets Dance while you walk

Downtown Shoppe and Gallery Spaces Available!

Are you a freelance artist in need of a worthy space in Second Life to display your art? Are you a merchant looking for a new location to sell your virtual wares? Fauna Mall has very affordable rental units available ranging from first floor galleries with included loft style living quarters, small upstairs boutiques, and downtown market stalls.

Each brick-and-mortar unit includes the following perks:

Light Switch for interior wall color options.
  • A scripted sign that YOU can customize 24/7! No need for admin/mod help! (By default, the sign loads the tenant’s profile picture, but the tenant may touch the sign for the menu and instructions on how to change the texture).
  • Re-colorable interior walls via the unit’s light switch(es). Multi-story units can have separately colored floors. Custom color values may be chosen via RGB or LSL value input, or a limited selection of default colors via the menu.
  • A teleporter directly to your unit’s front door located at Fauna’s central Welcome area (in the landing point gazebo). The image on the teleporter automatically loads the same custom image (or profile pic) from your unit sign.

Fauna Mall Unit Pricing and Prim/LI Allocation

Unit TypePrims/Land ImpactPrice per Week
Market Stall15L$ 15
Small 2nd Floor Shop (Units 13-20)50L$ 50
Ground Floor 1-Story Shop (Units 01-04)100L$ 100
2 Story Shop (Units 06, 08, 10, 12)200L$ 200
3 Story Shop (Units 05, 07, 09, 11)300L$ 300
Fauna Mall Unit Pricing and Prim/LI Allocation
Fauna Mall #13. A small upstairs unit with customizable store sign.

Mall renters will be invited* to the Fauna group in-world for rez-rights and permission to post group notices advertising their newest products or art pieces and commission pricing (*promoted to the Merchant role if they’re already in the group.) And all Merchants and Artists who join Fauna’s Discord may advertise their wares in our #market and #nsfw-market channels.

Fauna is an Adult rated full region and L$1 per prim/LI is a steal, so snatch up a rental while they’re still available! We have weekly events that draw new visitors to the region as well, so your goods are sure to be seen! As always, please be sure to read our covenant before renting a unit!

Thank You For Your Patronage!

At Fauna’s welcome area, you’ll notice a section dedicated to our ‘VIP Sponsors’! This board displays the most recent 20 contributors who have donated to any of Fauna’s monthly-goal donation boxes that are located at various places all over the region. The top donation of all time is grandly displayed above everyone else complete with their name and the amount they donated! It’s the least we can do for such generous patrons!!!

Are you curious about who that sponsor is beyond their pretty face? 😍 Click on their pic and a link to their profile will be directly sent to you in chat!*

Not only is your profile pic displayed on the VIP board when you support us, but a notification of your donation (including your username and the amount) is sent to the #fauna-patrons channel on our Discord! It’s just another way to allow us to say thank you for supporting us. ♥

So, THANK YOU for supporting us! Fauna wouldn’t be possible without patrons like you!

*While we at Fauna strongly encourage friendship and socializing in Second Life, please remember that we’re all just people and some folks are not as open to private IMs as others, so please respect your fellow residents by not being a creeper! 😂